1. Foundation

Foundation Music Note

foun·da·tion [foun-dey-shuhn]


(Section 1)

Two definitions


#1) “The Bboying Foundation”

The essence and basis of what Bboying in it’s entirety is founded upon


#2) “Individual Foundation”

The essence and basis of what one’s individual style is built upon such as steps, moves or concepts.


Note: The Foundation category pertains only to the Bboying Foundation.


(Section 2)

The Three Components of Foundation

  • The Formula
  • The Flavor
  • The Musical Approach


(Section 2.1)

#1 “The Formula”

This pertains to the 3 parts of a Bboy throwdown.

  • Toprock
  • Downrock
  • Freeze

Note: Must display all 3.


(Section 2.2)

#2 “The B-Boy Flavor”

The Flavor of Bboying = Complete Confidence

Confidence is displayed by characteristics such as:

  1. Eye contact
  2. Energy
  3. Sharp confident form and posture

Note: Must display at least 2 out of the 3.

Must be sustained throughout the entire round


(Section 2.3)

#3 “The Musical Approach”

This pertains to the dancer’s approach to the music.

There are three different ways to approach the music.

  1. Going Off; to the music, being funky, energetic, sporadic and/or unpredictable
  2. Finesse and Flow: to the music, riding the beat, tempo and rhythm of the song with ease
  3. Complete Musicality; accented movements confined only to the sounds, words and/or melodies of the song.

Note: Must display at least 1 out of 3.



(Section 3)

The Standards of Foundation


Perfect =

High Level of Flavor, Music and Formula from the beginning to the end of the entire round


Good =

High Level of Flavor, Music and Formula (But not throughout the entire round)


Average =

  1. A) Flavor, Music and Formula (None at a High Level)
  2. B) High Level of Flavor, Music OR Formula (but one component missing)


Poor =

Missing one of the 3 components of Foundation (Flavor, Music OR Formula)


None =

Missing two or all 3 components of Foundation.




(Section 4)

Credit and Research For the Foundation Standards

The standards of Foundation is the collection of the various (sometimes contradicting) values, philosophies, approaches and knowledge of the B-Boy Foundation from the various Pioneers, Legends and OG’s such as:

Kenswift, Crazylegs, Alieness, Trac2, Easyroc, Abby, Wiggles, Poeone, Kwikstep, Breakeasy, Iceyice, Jojo, Mr. Freeze,



The above definition, components and standards have been carefully reviewed, revised and approved by:


  • Alieness (Mighty Zulu Kings)
  • Easyroc


(more coming soon)