Officials and Association Breakdown

What does an official do?

1. Assist in the creation of a new judging/scoring system, using his/her experience, flexibility, expertise and knowledge of B-Boying in its entirety.
2. Become Governors and Overseers of this new world B-Boy association and the future and essence of B-Boying within his or her respective expertise.

Officials Committee

“Officials are”

Recognized B-Boys and B-Girls in the world who have the respect of many for their contribution, accomplishments and knowledge pertaining to a certain view or category of B-Boying.
They are in charge of maintaining, perfecting and supervising international agreed standards of their view, especially in regards to the judging system.
They are part of the committee which oversees the Association.
They have written the agreed standards, and have the power to teach and certify B-Boys worldwide within their categories of the judging system.
Select and supervise needed Staff to run and organize the Association.

“Official Staff”

B-Boys and B-Girls who are Passionate, educated, professional and experienced in business
Help to run the worldwide association (Chief Director, Executive Manager, Legal Advisers, Administration, Marketing, Public Relations, Accountants, etc)
Create and execute the mandates and direct the mission statement.

“Official Schools”

Established schools created by world renowned B-Boys and B-Girls
Certify B-Boys and B-Girls in regard to their specific category.

“Certified Judges”

B-Boys and B-Girls who have been trained to judge a particular category, or categories, in which they have been certified.
There are different levels of certification, depending on the scale of the competition that they are allowed to judge. (Levels: Community, City, Sub-Regional, National, International, World)

“Recognized Judges”

Internationally recognized judges based on their skills and accomplishments in regards to their certain views or categories in B-Boying.
They have been invited into the association as a Recognized judge, and has the power to submit an application for, invite, and train another Recognized B-Boyor B-Girl into the association.

“Registered Organizers”

Event organizers who use O.U.R. system
Only use official, certified and recognized judges.
Follow Association guidelines, rules and regulations
Register winners, scores and statistics into Association Battle Statistics

“Registered Crews”

Crews that are registered into the database
Statistics are kept for every win, loss or draw
Official rankings or titles are awarded to each crew (Amateurs, Hometown Heroes, World Contenders, Superstars, Legendary, Old-school, Super crew, All-star crew)

“Registered B-Boys and B-Girls”

B-Boys and B-Girls who are registered in the database
Statistics are kept for every win, loss or draw
Official ranking or title is awarded to the B-Boy/B-Girl (Wanna B-Boys, Amateur, Hometown Hero, World Contender, Superstar, Legend, O.G)