O.U.R. Association is a not-for-profit organization that is the hub for international activity surrounding the use of O.U.R. Scoring system in breaking competitions. It is created by the B-Boying community for the B-Boying community. It consists of five committees of ten world-renowned and respected B-Boys and B-Girls. Together they create standards of judging and elect and supervise official staff. The association owns the official O.U.R. Judging system and protects the B-Boying culture as a whole.

“Unite the community, protect the culture, and build a better B-Boying future”

O.U.R. Association governs the true essence and future of B-Boying and uses O.U.R. System as a tool to do so. A standardized way of judging battles will maintain the true essence of the dance, while encouraging growth and freedom for all facets of B-Boying. A standardized a judging system for B-Boying is recognized, understood, accepted by and marketed to a greater audience. Respected pioneers, O.G.’s, Legends and current Superstars are part of O.U.R. Association as an official, a promoter, a competitor, or supporter. The system is a product that is the property of the Association, and cannot be stolen or duplicated by any corporation worldwide.

How O.U.R. Association Works

  • 1. O.U.R. Association is not for profit. In the future, through investors and sponsors, it can become incorporated.
  • 2. The association is made up of 5 different facets of B-Boying.
    • The Foundation officials; govern and maintain the true essence of the dance.
    • The Originality officials; govern and maintain the evolution and growth of the dance.
    • The Dynamics officials; govern and maintain the calibre, strength, and quality of the dance.
    • The Execution officials; govern and maintain the perfection of the dance.
    • The Battle officials; govern and maintain the essence of the game.
  • 3. Each group of officials has 5-10 per group, containing at least one of each of the following; Pioneers, O.G.’s, Legends, and Superstars.
  • 4. Officials create, maintain and perfect an agreed standard of judging according to the scoring system in their respective group of expertise.
  • 5. Officials choose and supervise a President, Vice President, and staff to run and organize the association.
  • 6. Officials are constantly notified of the league and all its intentions, before and after the launch.

O.U.R. Dreams

A United community where there is:

Understanding and respect of all views and perspectives of the dance
Understanding and respect of the history, evolution and contributions of the dance
Fair, objective, unbiased, transparent and professional battles

Protection for the culture from:

Members of the community from controlling or devaluing B-Boys and B-Girls’ worth
The media, which may show B-Boying and hip hop culture in negative light
Businesses or corporations that may exploit B-Boying and hip hop culture

To Build a better B-Boying future:

Where B-Boys can have a better future and financial stability
Where the general audience can learn, understand, and respect B-Boying in its entirety
Creating a self sustaining industry