O.U.R. (Objective, Unified, Real-time) Judging System

The B-Boy battles are judged by 5 categories/perspectives. One judge is assigned to each category, awarding up to 5 points for every turn.
The winner is determined by who wins more categories.
In the event of a tie, all of the category scores are added together to determine a winner by overall score.

Scoreboard Example

Scoreboard Example:

The left side is winning 2 categories (Foundation and Execution)
The right side is winning 3 categories (Originality, Dynamics and Battle)
Right side is the Winner

Judges are assigned to one category only
Judges determine the quality-level of each throw-down, round for round.
Each throw-down is given a score from 1 to 5, round for round.

The scores are:

5 – Perfect
4 – Good
3 – Average
2 – Poor
1 – None
0 – Penalty (Interfering, Touching etc)

The round scores are accumulated after each throwdown (round) to determine who is winning each individual category.
The winner is determined by who wins the majority of the five categories unless there is a tie.
In the case of a tie, all the category scores are added together and the winner will be determined by the overall score (combined categories’ total score)

Scoreboard Tie

Example Scoreboard: Both sides are winning 2 categories each. The Dynamics category is tied.
The left side won Overall: 139 to 126 points.
The left side is the Winner.