Since 1999, we have been working on a judging system that can maintain the true essence of B-Boying, while encouraging its growth and evolution, and enabling it to become understood, respected and marketed to a greater audience as a professional and legitimate dance/sport/artform. All the different views of the dance have been unified together under an objective standard for each view, and the standards for each view are continuously being upgraded. Also, a real time computer program has been created and will be continuously upgraded in order to make judging simplified and more easily understood by the battlers, judges, and general audience.


O.U.R system started in 1999 by Karl “Dyzee” Alba. Throughout the years as Dyzee travelling the world as his career flourished he spoke with pioneers of the dance, and gained their support for his concept. Since then it has been updated several times. It has since been changed from the original five categories into the current five and is more in-depth than ever before.

In 2004, Lee “Lethal” Pham being a bboy as well, helped tweak the system. He joined in the endeavour and took the five category concept and created a pseducode and use-case document for a computer program. With his input and programming background, he worked with Toronto based development organization to develop the beta version of the system with pre-determined future features programmed in for future unlocking. The technology uses five separate consoles, a server and a projection system.

In 2008, Back to the Underground (B2DU) organized an event called The Next Big Thing: Toronto versus Montreal Bboy Festival which featured the use of the system in a pilot test. In front of 4000 people the system executed for the first time in public. Due to unfortunate weather conditions and electrical issues, the system was not used to its full capacity but still is marked as the first pilot launch of the system.

In 2009, the system was presented to an invitational only meeting which included legendary pioneer B-Boys such as Kenny Gabbert “Ken Swift” and Neils Robitzkyy ”Storm”. Also including notable promoters such as Charlie Shin (R16 International), Tyrone Meer (The Notorious IBE) and Chris Wright “Cros1” (Freestylesession). With their support, feedback and interest in being involved in the further development of the system the project confidently moves forward into the next phases.

In 2010, the system was used at R16 Korea in Seoul at one of the world’s biggest B-Boy events. It successfully ran with judges, Brahim, Kwikstep, Ducky, Flomaster and Hong10. The systems was completely transparent, ran with Apple iTouches judging consoles and was projected in-front of thousands of people and live on 132 Asian television networks.

2011 marks the system’s official launch to the world and the formation of O.U.R. Association which governs the use and development of the system through community built officials and committee members. 2011 also marks the launch of the website www.ourbboys.com