O.U.R. Scoring System

“O.U.R. Scoring System belongs to the B-Boys and B-Girls. It is something that cannot be duplicated or replicated by any corporation worldwide because of the complexities and theories behind it. The system is Objective, Unified and Real-time. Together we call it… O.U.R. System. ” – Dyzee

O.U.R. stands for ‘Objective Unified Real-time Scoring System,’ and it was designed to provide equality and consistency for B-boy competitions throughout the world. This is a five-category web-based program that scores competitors round-by-round as they compete head to head in professional battles. Scores are updated in real-time and can be simultaneously displayed on a stadium projection screen, online, and through broadcast television. O.U.R. System also provides archived printable scores, a customized timer, competitor profiles, mobile integration and much more.

O.U.R. System has been in the works since 1999. Years of refining and research have been put into each of the five disciplines that encompass the essence of breaking. These categories, which have been established as the most impartial and widely accepted include:

Foundation, Originality, Dynamics, Execution and Battle.
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In conjunction with O.U.R. Association’s officials, the agreed standards are updated and refined annually.

The goals we hope to accomplish through the use of O.U.R. Scoring System are:

• Bridging the gap between dancers, judges and audience

• Minimizing bias by using trained and certified judges

• Making the process of judging easier by applying an organized and structured criteria

• Educating the audience so it can understand the aspects of breaking and how it is judged

• Utilizing O.U.R. system to create consistency and equality for all B-Boys in professional competitions

• Build on and expand the current B-Boy market

Scoring and Revisions

There will be one judge assigned to each discipline. Each judge will then determine the quality or level of each throwdown (commandos and routines are assessed as a single throwdown). For each throwdown, every B-Boy will be given a score between one and five. The scoring will be awarded as follows:

− Excellent = 5 points

− Good = 4 points

− Average = 3 points

− Poor = 2 points

− None = 1 point

After each round, the scores are added up to determine who is winning each individual category. The champion is  determined by who wins the majority of the five categories after the competition is finished (a battle must end with equal number of throwdowns from each crew). In the case of a tie, all of the scores are added together and the combined score of each category will determine the winner.

As this is ‘OUR’ B-Boy Scoring System, there will be an annual review of the rules and regulations through O.U.R. Association. Association officials will able to vote on any amendments and variations the B-Boy community feel will benefit O.U.R. System. We will democratically revise this system, to provide equality and to be sure this remains the true essence of OUR B-Boy Culture.