O.U.R. System

(Objective, Unified, Real-time) Judging System

O.U.R. System is a sophisticated web-based program that scores B-Boys in real time as they compete in professional battles. It is designed to represent, standardize and unify all views of the dance, while basing results on observable facts rather than subjective opinions.

The system focuses on maintaining the true essence of the dance, encouraging evolution and self expression, as well as pushing the skills to higher levels.

The scores are displayed and updated in real time on a projection screen for the spectators to see and implements features such as: web and broadcast integration, archived printable scores, customized timer and competitor names, mobile integration and much more.

The Categories:

O.U.R. System, battles are judged by 5 categories.

The winner is determined by who wins the majority of the 5 categories.