4. Execution

ex-e-cu-tion [ek-si-kyoo-shuhn]


(Section 1)


  • the state or fact of being able to carry out; accomplish: to execute a plan, task or order
  • the state or fact of producing in accordance with a plan or design
  • Sports. to perform properly the fundamental moves or mechanics of a sport, game, position, or particular play; show smoothness in necessary skills


Note: The Execution of B-Boying is directly related to the perfection and finesse of an entire throw down.


(Section 2)

The 5 Components of Execution

  1. Confidence
  2. Clean Style
  3. Clean Technique (moves with a risk of crashing)
  4. Clear Rhythm
  5. Non-repeating


Note: Must poses all 5


(Section 2.1)

Execution sins

Execution sins are unfavourable actions that are taken into consideration which affects the overall level of execution per throw down. The execution sins are:

  • Losing Confidence
  • Unclean Form or sloppiness
  • Crashing (without recovery)
  • Stumbling (out of rhythm)
  • Repeating (without variation)


Note: Must NOT display any







(Section 3)

The Standards of Execution:

After each throw down, the judge must determine if the entire run was Perfect, Good, Average, Poor or None according to the Execution standards in the OUR System.


PERFECT= 5 points

All 5 Components clear with no Execution sins from the beginning to the end of the entire round.


GOOD= 4 points

  1. Not all 5 components presented + No execution sins
  2. 1 Execution sin, however after all 5 Components clearly displayed


AVERAGE= 3 points

  1. No Execution Sins but no clear Components
  2. Clear Components but Execution Sins present


POOR= 2 points

One or Two Execution sins


NONE= 1 point

Three or more Execution sins



(Section 4)

Credit and Research for the Execution Standards

The standards of Execution is the collection of the various values, philosophies, approaches and knowledge from the various and biggest advocates of Execution such as:
Poe One, Alieness, Crazylegs, Kenswift, Roxrite, Focus, Dyzee, Storm