3. Dynamics


dy-nam-ics [dahy-nam-iks]



  • Pertaining to the physically demanding skills, technique and difficulty of the styles and moves executed by the B-boys.


Note: Since “difficulty” is subjective to the B-boy which varies, depending on the individuals physical characteristics and abilities, the Dynamics judge is specifically looking for “Dynamic qualities”.


The 7 Dynamic qualities:

  1. Strength
  2. Speed
  3. Balance
  4. Explosive Energy
  5. Flexibility
  6. Risk of injury
  7. Magical


#1 Explosive Energy pertains to wild and forceful movements, with sudden unpredctable changes in direction.


#2 Speed pertains to the quickness and rapidness of the movement.


#3 Complexity pertains to the intricacy of the movements as well as visual illusions.


#4 Risk of Injury pertains to the level of danger that a move might, should, or could inflict on the BBoy, as well as moves that may otherwise be painful.


#5 Strength pertains to the brawn or brute force that one may be able to lift, hold or control their body weight.


#6 Balance pertains to the ability to balance one’s body weight with control and execution.


#7 Magical pertains to the quality of un explainable trickery such as illusions or complete mastery in situations where most likely to fail.



What the Dynamics Judge is looking for:

In the Dynamics category, the judge must determine whether or not any of the above dynamic qualities are “clearly” either present or absent.

The judge must be certain to not judge based on “impressiveness”


Dynamics is applied to two aspects:

– Style (overall movement)

– Technique (moves)


There are 5 possible answers that the judge must choose from. None, Poor, Average, Good or Excellent. It is important that the judge does not choose the numbers from 1-5 but instead attribute the five possible answers to the scores. Choosing a number instead of the score tends to start reflecting how impressed the judge is, rather than the fact of the level.






EXCELLENT= 5 points

A bboys Dynamics level is considered “PERFECT” when he displays a high level of many of the dynamic attributes from the beginning to the end of the run.

= 4 points

A bboys Dynamics level is considered “GOOD” when he displays many of the dynamic attributes within his style or moves OR performs one of them at an extremely high level.

= 3 points

A bboys Dynamics level is considered “AVERAGE” when he displays at least one of the dynamic attributes within his style or moves.

= 2 points

In order for the bboys Dynamic level to be considered “POOR”, he may have attempted to display some type of dynamics but performed it to a low standard.

= 1 point

In order for the bboys dynamics level to be at “NONE”, means that they did not show any of the dynamic attributions what so ever, and was very basic, using simple moves with no risk.