We Are Back Online!

After some time away, the OUR B-Boys website is now back online! The site is rather old and bringing it online has brought about some bugs and broken links so bear with us until we can get everything cleaned up. In light of current events, we figured it would be better to have the site than throwing you to an ‘Under Construction’ notice.

If you haven’t heard, in 2018, B-boying will be in the Youth Olympics for the first time ever. This is very exciting but at the same time, this could be very scary if handled wrong. At the moment, the judging system is in the hands of people that aren’t exactly from the Bboy culture or hip-hop scene. OUR B-boys are working very hard to ensure that Breakin is presented right to the mass public and we have made a petition to use the OUR System in the Olympics. Please help us out and sign the petition to help our culture move in the right direction!

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Olympics and other news related to the OUR B-boys movement!


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