R16 2011, done.

So R16 is over. I have to say this one was the best one yet! The production team is so on point it’s amazing. Shout outs to Charlie and Johnjay of Cartel Creative, the masterminds behind it all.
The use of O.U.R. system went off without a hitch, the B-Boys agreed with it, the audience enjoyed it and we got amazing support material and comments.

You can wait for the actual score sheets, but hopefully you’ve joined us on twitter @ourbboys and already know. Taisuke (Japan) beat Lil-G (Venezula) in the 1v1. For the crew battle, Jinjo (Korea) defends their title beating Vagabonds (France) in a tight finals.

Stay tuned for:
-Documentary of the event featuring O.U.R. System with interviews and highlight footage (made by Doy Travel\Strife.TV)
-Scores posted with video footage
-more website updates

Check out these out:
R16 – Solo trailer – Solo B-boys trailer
R16 – Crew trailer – Crew trailer

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