The Blessings from New York City for a New Judging System for Bboy Battles.

On April 26th, 2010, B-boy Dyzee from the Supernaturalz crew (Canada) and 80’s B-boy M-Phatic (aka Doy) from Force 10 & Doy Travel (UK) went on a mission to the Mecca of B-boying and Hip hop to receive and document the blessings of Pioneer’s, OG’s, and Legends of the B-boying community to implement a detailed plan to unite the community, protect the culture, and build a better bboying future.

Circulating around the B-boying community, is the whispers of a new scoring system which was to be launched at the 2010 R16 World Champion Finals, but was then pushed back to 2011 for the official launch to the community. Many b-boys divided on, would a new standardized and objective judging system be beneficial to the future of B-boying?

Before being able to officially launch the O.U.R. judging system which has been in development since 1999, Dyzee and Doy felt compelled to first get the opinions and blessings of the founders and respected contributors to the B-boying culture. Arguably, there is no B-boy scene in the world that is more closer to the original essence than New York City itself. The only problem is, that many of the OG’s and legends are not on the best of terms with one another. Each one of them holding a different piece and testimony of the history of B-boying. Many of them spent years fighting over their perspectives, in this generation that thinks “In with the new and out with old”. Could the B-boys actually agree and give their blessings.

The first step of the mission was to hook up with one of the few B-boys in New York who has access, respect and works with all the OG’s of New York. Kid Glyde is not only the heir to the legendary Dynamic Rockers Crew (1977), but he also continually gives back to the New York scene by continually organizing high quality events, getting the most respected judges and ensuring a vibe of the original essence. A detailed plan of how to unite the community and protect the culture, while building a better bboying future was presented to him, where he immediately set up as many meetings with the most respected OG’s, and legends, in such a short timeframe.

New York City is a hustling and bustling city where there is no time to sleep, and everybody works hard day an night in order to get ahead of the 8 million New Yorkers. It is a really difficult task to set up a time and a place with anyone who may have the free time. So the only way to meet as many B-boys as possible, is to meet them one by one, sometimes spontaneously and immediately without notice.

Among the OG’s that where destined to actually be able to find the time to meet and be presented the plan to build a better bboying future included Break Easy- Dynasty Rockers (who began bboying in ’79), Kenswift-7Gems (’78), Thrilla & Rel- Fresh style rockers (’79), Amigo Rock- Sure Shot Boys (’76), Kwikstep- Full Circle (’81) Crazy Legs- Rocksteady (’75), as well as later legends such as Abstrakt (’94) & Moshen (’97)- Skillmethodz , Kujo- Soul Control ‘(92), and Cyclone- Step Fiendz (’89).

At each meeting was presented the OUR system in full details, and a plan to unite the community through it, as well as protect the culture by preserving and officializing all the vital and differentiating essences and perspectives. Many of the B-boys were an unknowing major contribution to the development of the OUR system, and movement. The entire stressful week consisted of traveling back and forth through the five boroughs, as well as driving through the night to present in another city.

In the end, out of all the B-boys that were presented to, all 100% of them agreed with the vision and plan to unite the community and protect the culture, in hopes of building a better B-boying future. Each one giving the approval, support and blessings to begin, taking it to the only country that would be industry and commercially possible in setting up a model that the rest of the world can follow, South Korea.

Since then, B-boy Dyzee and his wife has moved to Seoul Korea, and joined in with Cartel Creative (organizers of R-16) to begin working on the execution of the plan; to begin building a better B-boying future for every bboy and bgirl worldwide.

Scroll down or click below to watch the video documentation of OUR mission to receive the blessings from the mecca of Hip hop, New York City!

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